History of Sacred Heart Students Home

Madanthyar is situated admits greenery, crops, plantation and agriculture distinguish Madanthyar. In 1930’s while it’s well to do populace moved to cities in search of better prospects, the less privileged remained at the place. Realities such as lack of basic necessities pertaining to transport, health and hygiene exacerbated their condition. Geographic distance from the parish church kept the believers from practicing their faith in the parish community.

In such circumstances, Fr Denis J D’souza the parish priest of Sacred Heart Church at Madanthyar contacted the Ursuline Franciscan Sisters who were known to him; he requested them to assist in uplifting the people of God. The Superior General Sr. Rose Saldanha agreed to the request; the request accompanied assurance of a residence close to the Church, teaching post in the Parish School and four acres of land. The proposal came into view as Bishop V.R.Fernandes endorsed the proposal and signed the agreement on July 3, 1936. He also instructed the sisters to sign an agreement that spelled out guidelines for mutual expectation along with responsibilities with respect to both spiritual and temporal needs.

Sr. Martina D’Alemda headed the community along with the sisters Josephine Pinto, Marceline Rodrigues and Eliza Pinto. The sisters under took commendable missionary programmes and activities. The ‘Community Book’ records their zeal for catechizing, for instilling religious practices and devotion in the school in the parish community and in distant villages. Their beneficiaries were the poor, ignorant and illiterate most of whom belonged to low caste. As was the practice of the time, the sisters Baptized the dying infants, adults, and the aged, the records of which are found in the church register.

The sisters assisted in the formation of faith of the people; they undertook this by identifying themselves with people and sharing their joys as well as sorrows. They also shouldered several church related activates such as cleanliness of the house of God, leading prayers and Choir in liturgical activity; they monitored the Altar servers’ Sodality, children of May sodality and the Christian mothers’ sodality ; they catechized youth and children, Administered the Holy Communion to the sick, they established a bond of affinity with the people. .. in brief ,they were Evangelizers in its true sense.

In 1997 this house was vitalized its mission by extending formation to the student Candidates. While obtaining educational benefits from the college at Madanthyar, the student candidates, student sisters and other sisters of the convent have been actively involving themselves fully in pastoral activities such as distributing Holy Communion, preparing children and adults for various reception of Sacraments, catechizing and conducting and participating in SCC prayer meeting, visiting families and praying with the families, attending funerals, animating various associations and teaching in the parish school. The sisters are involved with total commitment in all they do at Madanthyar in the service of God and God’s people.

At present Sr Theresa Crasta is the Superior along with her Sr Petronilla, Sr Alyosia, Sr Eva, Sr Merylite, Sr Sunitha, Sr Sylvin, Sr Daina and 9 candidates live in this community and it is a happy community.


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